Akustics - Uses Tuning Conductor To Work Out Optimal Acoustics

What is a Tuning Conductor? The process of tuning a performance space during the commissioning phase of a project traditionally involves adjustment of movable acoustic elements (reflector panels, variable absorption curtains, etc.) to optimize the sound quality heard by the audience and performers. During rehearsals it can sometimes become a trial and error process, not unlike a doctors’ examination (“when I do this, does it hurt?”). Most top-level performing arts acousticians perform this sort of service.

Akustiks’ has capabilities unique among consultants that allows us to take the process much further. In the initial evaluation of performer hearing conditions we provide our experienced acoustician-conductor, Christopher Blair, to listen from many points within the orchestra as well as from the podium. As is true with most communication, musicians sometimes hear what they expect to hear, not necessarily what was played or not played. This familiarity can often color the musicians’ evaluations of cross stage communication on an orchestra platform.